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Haiti Consulate ~ Chicago


Document Authentication

Consulate fee:     $25  per document

My Courier Fee (per family):  $150

Include the following with your Documents for Authentication (my address is listed below):

More    1.  Before documents are Authenticated by the Haiti Consulate, they first must be Certified by the
Notes!       "Secretary of State", in the State in which the document was Notarized or issued
                 [Vital Records: Birth & Marriage].  Certification ensures the Government Official or Notary is valid: stamp
                and signature match the Notary's original application and expiration date is correct. 
            2.  Do not send a Consulate cover letter, I have my own form and submit it with your documents.  

            3.  Vacation Notice:  If I am on vacation or will be closed, there will be a notice located at the top of every web
                 page well in advance... so check back here right before sending your documents. 
 I understand if you need to call and verify that I will be available and to hear a live voice, but be forewarned...
                I might go on and on and on about my husband, kids, fish, cat and the fish on the back of my car! 

            4.  Turnaround time:  Give enough turnaround time for the Authentication process.  There have been a
                 few times that the mail service did not deliver the documents to me or back to you, on the scheduled
                 delivery date. 

                 [I go to the Consulate on Tuesday and Thursday Only]

          And finally <whew!> the steps and procedures listed above are for my service only.  If you will be using
          another courier service or mailing/walking in your documents yourself, the process may be different.

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