Instruction for filling out Visa Application Form V.2013
       (for those using There’s Always Hope! courier service only)

Tourism and Business Applications (not adoption)
Send a copy of your Flight Itinerary and a copy of your hotel reservation (can be from the internet)
for each application (not required for Business Visa applications).

If you are staying with a friend/relative, you will also need a letter of invitation from that friend
that includes your name, date of birth, passport number, and dates of stay.

If the friend is Chinese, you will need a copy of their “Local ID”.
If the friend is not Chinese, you will need a copy of their passport picture/info page and a copy of
their Residency Permit that is located in their passport.

Part 1: Personal Information 
1.1    Your full name:   Last name   Middle name   First name

PHOTO:  attach 1 color passport type photo 2”x 2” with GLUE only
               in the square box to the right of 1.1 to 1.5 with the word Photo in it
               [DO Not trim photo to fit]

1.2    Chinese characters if born in China* 
            *For all previously adopted children (even if they have been back to China),
              leave this blank and send a copy of the Chinese Passport picture/info page. 
              I also need the actual Chinese Passport if it is their first trip back to China.

1.3     Other Name(s):    maiden name, aliases (if applicable)
1.4     Select your gender 
1.5     Date of birth:  (yyyy-mm-dd
1.6     Your current nationality  (example: American, Canadian)  
1.7     Your former nationality  (if applicable) 
1.8     Name of your birth place (City, State and Country) 
1.9     Your local ID number (Drivers License or State ID) (leave blank for children)
1.10   Type of your passport (P = "Ordinary")
1.11    Passport number 
1.12    Passport issue date (yyyy-mm-dd
1.13    Passport issue place: put exactly what is written under the word "Authority" in your 
          U.S. passport (US Dept of State, or a city name)
1.14    Passport expiration date (yyyy-mm-dd

1.15   Your current occupation:
         ~  If your occupation is not listed, check "Other" and specify
         ~  If you checked Self-Employed, check “Other” also and give your title and type of business
         ~  For children not in school, check “Other” and put minor child
         ~  For children Homeschooled, check “Student” and put Homeschool in 1.17 along with
             home address phone number
         ~  If you work for a religious organization (or religious name in company name [not including
             children’s schools, or Hospitals]), media, press, writer, editor or photographer call me to
             discuss (815) 690-7035 before sending application

1.16   Select Education Level (for children put the grade level or put N/A if not in school)

1.17   Name, mailing address and phone number of your current employer or school 
         (no P.O. Box’s, exact address only).  Also do not put initials, write out the complete name
         unless initials are the exact name… the Consulate will google initials.

         If you are Self-employed, put your business name or your full name and your business address
         or your home address.
         If Unemployed, Homemaker, or Retired, put N/A in 1.17

1.18   Your current home mailing address (no P.O. Box’s, exact address only
1.19   Your home zipcode
1.20   Your home or mobile phone number
1.21    Your email address (optional)
1.22   Your marital status 

1.23   Information for the family members living in your home 
         (if you live alone, you must list 1 family members info)
         If you have more than the 4 lines provided, hand write the info on the back of page 2

1.24   Your contact person in case of emergency while in China
         (this is a relative/friend) 
1.25   Put “USA”

Part 2: Travel Information 
2.1     Select the purpose of your visit to China           
2.2    Select number of entries for this visa: 
         (contact me if there are less than 9 months left on the passport). 

2.3    Check "No"
2.4    Date of your first entry for this trip (yyyy-mm-dd)
2.5    Longest intended stay of your visit in China: 
         (contact me if you will be staying longer than 30 days)
2.6    Lodging info    
2.7    List who will pay for your cost of traveling and living during your stay in China
               example:  myself, parents 

2.8    Name, address and phone number of your inviter or contact unit in China 
         put:  your first hotel’s info here or friends address
         For Relationship with applicant put:  Hotel or Friend

2.9    If you have never visited China put “No”. 
         If this is the first visit back for an adopted child, put “No”. 
         If Yes, put issue date (dd-mmm-yyyy) of your last visa, and Consulate name
             it was issued from:    example:    04-JUL-2004 Beijing
                                               example:  16-JAN-1995 Shanghai 

2.10  List date (yyyy-mm), name of other countries or territories, you have visited in the
        last 12 months. If none, put “No”.

Part 3:  Other Information
3.1   Select "Yes" or "No" if you have ever overstayed your visa or
        residence permit in China 
3.2  Select "Yes" or "No" if you have ever been refused a visa or
       refused entry into China 
3.3  Select "Yes" or "No" if you have any criminal record in China
       or any other country (including USA) 
3.4  Select "Yes" or "No" if you are affiliated with any of the
       following conditions 
3.5  Select "Yes" or "No" if you visited countries or territories
       infected by infectious diseases in the last 30 days 

3.6  If you select "Yes" to any questions from 3.1-3.5, give details.
3.7  Additional information
       If you check yes to question 3.1 thru 3.5 call me to discuss (815) 690-7035
3.8  Leave Blank

Part 4:  Declaration & Signature 
        Sign and date (yyyy-mm-dd)
        (if application is for a minor child, under 18 yrs old, parent signs and dates application
         and then go to Part 5) 

Part 5: Declaration & Signature
If this application form is completed by another person on the applicant’s
         behalf (mostly for minor children, not if spouse fills out for spouse), complete section 5
5.1    Name of the person who completed this application form 
5.2   Relationship to the applicant of the person who completed this application form 
5.3   Address of the person who completed this application form 
        (no P.O. Box’s, exact address only)
5.4   Phone number of the person who completed this application form 
5.5   Signature and date (yyyy-mm-dd) of the person who completed this application
        for another person

 Note:  Information subject to change at any time (revised 11/2018)

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