China Consulate ~ Chicago
                                                                                Visa Applications


                                       [I go to the Consulate on Tuesday's only (Wednesday if Tuesday is a Holiday)]

Visa Type
Business or Tourist

U.S. Passport
Visa Fee
(per visa)

Visa Fee 
(per visa)

Visa Fee 
(per visa)


 Single Entry: 1 entry
 [ one entry within 3 mo.]

 Double Entry:  2 entries
 [ two entries within 6 mo.]
 Multi-Entry 6 Months: 
  [ unlimited entries within 6 mo.]
  Multi-Entry 12 Months:
  [ unlimited entries within 12 mo.]

  Multi-Entry 10 Year:  
  [ unlimited entries within 10 yrs]











$ 80

$ 80

$ 80

$ 80

$ 80

      5 business days
5 business days

      5 business days
      5 business days

      5 business days

                            [   Send the Original Green Card or Notarized Copy of Green Card for Non-U.S. Passport holders]
  Canadian Passport holders will receive a visa that expires when the passport expires]

       Type of Visa (single, double, multi-6 month, multi-12 month, multi-10 year) and duration of stay (30, 60 or 90 days) 
       is determined by the Consulate.  Check the one you would like to have in item #2.2 on the visa application.  For 10 year
       visa check "Other" and put 10 year.

                                                                          New Visa Application Photo Requirements: 
                                   Both ears must be showing, no smiling, no accessories (hair or jewelry), no glasses. Picture has
                                   to be GLUED (Elmers Glue Stick works best) onto the application.  Not taped or stapled.                                  


  1. Consulate Visa Fee (see above):  A money order or a "cashier check" made payable to:
    Chinese Consulate in Chicago" for all Visas (no personal check*, no business check)  
    *Adopting Families
     & Heritage Trips:
      may include the Consulate Visa fee with my courier fee and pay with 1 personal check made
                                    payable to There's Always Hope!

  2. My Courier Fee:  $50 per Visa 
      A money order, "cashier check" or business check made payable to:  There's Always Hope!  
    Adopting Families
     & Heritage Trips:
      may pay my courier fee with "a personal check" AND can also include in that check, the
                                    Consulate Visa fee.  Yes this is true... yep, really, really true!

                                              (And if you call to ask me if this is true, I will put our fish on the phone!)   

  3. Agency Info:  Adoption Agency Name (Adopting Families only) 

  4. LOA: A copy (black/white or color) of your LOA/LOC - "Letter of Seeking Confirmation from Adopter", (not TA), 
             stapled to EACH application
    .  [This is the one that you have checked the accept box, signed, dated and sent  
             back to your Agency]. 
      If you do not have it, get it from your Adoption Agency  (Adopting Families only)   

  5. Adopting Families only:
    Letter of Additional Family/Friend:
      Send for anyone traveling with you not listed on the LOA/LOC
                                                                (including all your children).

                                                                For each of your children, you also need to send a copy of their birth
                                                                certificate and a copy of both parents passport picture/info pages.

                                                                You must send a copy of the flight itinery from the airline and hotel
                                                                reservations from the hotel for anyone except your children.  
                                                                (SEPARATE letter for each person). 

                                                                [click here for a sample]    (Family/Friends of Adopting Families only) 

  6. Flight Itinerary AND Hotel Reservation*:  Staple a copy to EACH application for Tourist Visas and Heritage Trips.

    *(Adopting Familiedisregard item 6)  

       Extended family/friends going with Adopting family, item 6 DOES apply

      If you are staying with a friend in China, you need to submit a "Signed" invitation letter from your friend
    that includes your name, your date of birth, your passport number and duration of your stay [signed email
      attachment is fine].  

     ~ If your friend is a Chinese citizen, you also need to send a copy of their "Local ID".  
     ~ If your friend is not a Chinese citizen, you will need to send a copy of their "Residency Permit" 
        located in their passport and a copy of their Passport picture/info page. 

  7. Passports:  Send your signed Passport (yes, send the actual Passport) and send a copy of the Passport
                       picture/info page. 

    There must be at least 2 blank pages in your passport (not the Endorsement pages) as the Visa is a sticker 
    placed on a blank page.   

    If your passport is not an American passport, you will need to send the actual Green Card or a notarized copy of
    your "Green Card" (plus your passport).  You can only apply for a single or double entry visa, and you will be
    allowed to stay 30 days max, for each entry.
    passport needs to have a full 12 months left on it when I apply for the visa, to get a multi-entry 10 year visa.   

     me if your passport expiration date is less than 12 months.

    VERY IMPORTANT  Make a copy of the picture/info page of your passport for your home file AND 
    a copy for the Consulate (8.5"x11" size paper, do not cut down, and only passport picture/info page
      per sheet).  You will need this information when making travel arrangements and I 
    will not have it 
                         once your application has been submitted.  

    For a minor child who is to young to sign their own passport, mother or father will print the child's name
    sign their own name, and in parenthesis next to the parent's signature, write  (mother) or (father).  

    If you have a change (name, etc.) noted on the last pages of your passport, you must put a note on the outside of 
    your passport, and I will have the Consulate issues your Visa with the correct information.  If not, then the 
    Consulate will issue with the info on the picture page... they do not take the information off the application.

    If you were born in China, send 2 copies of your Chinese Passport Picture/info page (even if you have been to
    China before.  8.5"x11" size paper, do not cut down).

    If you were born in China, you must also send me your Chinese Passport if this is your first trip back to China 
    (includes children adopted) AND a copy of the Chinese Adoption Decree.  The Consulate will clip pages in the
    Chinese passport to mark it invalid, and I will return it to you.  

    If you have been back to China, but your Chinese passport has not been stamped cancelled and the corners  
    clipped, you will need to send the Chinese passport.
    For those born in China, who cannot prove they have been back to China, by having an expired Visa in their 
    current U.S. passport, send me a copy of the expired Visa from the expired U.S. passport (on 8.5"x11" paper).

  8. Visa Application (print on "regular weight" white copy paper, NO cardstock paper allowed):  

        click here --->  My instructions for Adopting Families:  
                                 NOTE:  You must use my instructions, (this is what works), not what your agency says to put
                                 in the fields or your agency can submit the application  ;-)

                                 I can submit Visa Applications for every State if you are adopting

        click here --->  Visa Application Form (V.2013)  same form for Tourism, Adoption, Heritage and Business Visas
                                 (must use in with Google Chrome browser.  If it will not let you type on the form,
                                   scroll down to the bottom of the form and then scroll back to the top).

        click here --->  My instructions for Tourist, Heritage and Business Trips

        I can only submit Tourist, Heritage & Business Visas for the 9 States that are serviced by Chicago Consulate:
(Colorado     Illinois     Indiana     Iowa      Kansas     Michigan     Minnesota     Missouri     Wisconsin).

        If you are applying for a Z visa (work), X1 visa (school) or Q1/Q2 visa call me to discuss:  815/690-7035       

        All Applications must be TYPED (entered online). You can type in upper and lower case letters (even though the 
        application states otherwise).  The application works best in Google Chrome vs Internet Exployer or using a MAC.

        ** Make sure the entire address (street number, street name, City & State) for business/school and home 
        address is on the printed copy (sometimes it is not for those who use a Mac).

         A signed Visa Application (for each person, including children) with 1 passport type picture (approx. 2"x2")  
(not stapled, not taped) to the application (place right on the square box with the word Photo in it,
         NOT above the square box, NOT at the upper top right corner of the page, but right on the square box - so you
         cannot see the box with the word Photo in it).  

This picture must be in color

          click here --->  NEW Visa Application Picture Requirements:

         The Visa photo must be taken in the last 6 months, passport type photo (with Consulate specific guidelines). 
 2"x2", you don't have to cut the picture down, even though new requirement has smaller sizes noted.
         Without head covering, against a Pure WHITE background, showing full face looking forward, with both ears fully
          showing (you can put hair back in a pony tail), NO smiling, NO glasses, NO accessories (hair or jewelry).  
          If photographer says otherwise, tell them it is not for a passport, it is for a visa and these are the Chinese Embassy

        If you are going to take your own picture, make sure the background is a Pure WHITE wall and looks like a WHITE wall
         after printing.  And you must print it on "photo" type paper, any other type of paper will be rejected.  Make sure the
         head size is like the size in your passport, to big or to small will be rejected.

       For Question:  1.15:
       If you work for the Military, a religious organization, media, press, or if you are a writer, editor, publisher, photographer,
       call me to discuss (815) 690-7035, before sending your application to me.

       For Question 2.9:  
       If Yes, put issue year and month (yyyy-mm) of your last visa, and compare the symbols below to find the place your last 
visa was issued:
Chicago:           Houston:                  Los Angeles:    

             New York:         San Francisco:         Embassy Washington, D.C.:   

        example:  2004-05  Chicago    2007-10  Washington, D.C.     2010-01  Houston

If your place of issue was in another country, put the Country. If none of the above, put "Washington, D.C." 
       For Questions 3.3 or 3.4:
          If you checked "Yes" to either of these two questions, you need to apply in person and be fingerprinted at
          the Consulate that has jurisdiction over your State.
          If you checked
"Yes" for 3.3 and Chicago Consulate has jurisdiction over your State, call me to discuss.

       If you checked "Yes" for 3.4 and Chicago Consulate has jurisdiction over your State, call me to discuss.

       You will need 
Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view and print the Application form.  
    Also Google Chrome browser works best.

       Staple together (upper left corner) for each application.    

        IMPORTANT:  Even though you ask for a 10 year multi-entry visa,  the Consulate makes the final determination.  
                               Also if you will be staying over 60 days, you must call me to discuss (815) 690-7035.

  1. Contact info:  Your phone numbers home and cell, so I can contact you if there are any concerns, and email address,
    so I can send you a status update.  Also the name of your Agency for Adopting families.  You can put all that info
    on a Post-A-Note.
    I send 1 Status email after I have submitted your application to the Consulate, and that includes the pickup and
    ship back date
     of your passport with visa [could be very late in the evening] .  There will be no contact from me 
    if I do not have your email address on a separate piece of paper, I do not take if from the application.   If for
    some reason I could not send back on the pickup date stated the Status email, I will call you, so please do not
    email or call me to see if it was sent back. 
    NOTE:  I cannot confirm delivery of your package to me or that I have placed the documents with the shipper
    (not by email, not by phone, not by text, not even if you knock on my door... there are not enough hours in a day). 
    Therefore YOU must make note of the tracking number to me and the tracking number of the return 
    so you can verify status with the shipper (please do not call and ask me for the tracking number).  It should
    be in the shippers tracking system by 8pm.   

    Even though the tracking info states your package was left at my front door or on my porch, it is placed in a
    enclosed location known to the delivery drivers.

  2. Statement of Profession Waiver:  If you check "Staff of Media" or "Religious Personnel" in item # 1.15
    OR your "Occupation" or "Employer Name" has anything to do with the Media, Journalist, Writer, Editor, 
    Publisher, Photographer, Religion, TV, Radio, Producer... you will need to fill out the "Statement of Profession" 
    Waiver (call me to discuss)
    .   You will be granted a limited visa.  You also have to come in person and be
    fingerprinted at the Consulate that has jurisdiction over your State.

    By signing this waiver you are stating that this trip to China does not involve your company, job or profession 
    and that you will not perform any action that is 
    inconsistent with a Tourist Visa.  

    Military personnel will only get a 1 year visa, just check Military personnel and fill-in Position/Rank in item 1.15

    NOTE:  NEVER check "Former/incumbent government official".  Call me to discuss.

  3. Prepaid Return Airbill:  Enclose a prepaid, self-addressed airbill/mailing label (I have the shippers envelopes) of a  
    shipping service:
     UPS, FedEx, Express Mail through the Post Office, for the return of your Documents.  

    Please Print Clearly and Press Hard on the return airbill/mailing label if you want to receive them back  ;-)


    Express Mail through the Post office

    If you are using Express Mail 
    through the Post Office, paperclip the Express Mail Stamp or Stamps that add up 
    to $26.35  to the Express Mail mailing label (no "metered" postage).  Also put my business name and address and
    phone number, as the sender.


    FedEx or UPS:
    If you are using FedEx or UPS put your name and address in the sender area, not my info (if possible).  

    If you request FedEx "Ground" or UPS "Ground", you must send me a 12"x9" approx., padded envelope for the
    return, as you cannot use regular FedEx or UPS envelopes for Ground shipments.   Also I do not go to a 
    FedEx or UPS location (I use a drop box) so you will have to create a Ground shipment label (no Order Forms
    accepted).   Personally I do not like to send back "UPS Ground" or "FedEx Ground"... but the choice is
    yours (call me and I'll tell you some scary stories about ground shipments!).    FedEx (air) or UPS (air) is fine.                                                 
     Fill in where you want your documents returned to.  In the FROM section put your name and address  
    (or leave blank), not my info (if possible).  Then if there are any issues with your account number or credit 
    card number for payment, the shipper will bill you and not me!      


    If you will not be home when delivery occurs and you want the shipper to leave your package, make sure you sign 
    the Waiver of Signature or Release of Signature on the airbill/mailing label.
    UPS and FedEx drop boxes have supplies (airbills & envelopes).  If you do not have a UPS or FedEx account 
    number, you can put your credit card number on the airbill for payment (don't put the security code).  Also UPS
    Stores and FedEx-Kinko's can assist you with the shipment, but beware... some shipping stores are independently
    owned and charge a lot of $$.  

    DO NOT take the customer copy from the airbill or mailing label, that you are sending me for the return of your 
    Documents, leave it in, or your delivery guarentee will be void.

                                                                          * * * IMPORTANT * * *

    When sending me your documents, do not request the delivery service obtain a signature, as I am at the Consulate 
    when delivery occurs, and Zoey, cannot sign (no paw prints accepted).    Mark "No Signature Required".

    Also I leave for the Consulate at 7 a.m. so don't pay the high shipping fees for early delivery, as they will not be
    submitted until my next consulate day.

    Your package is placed in a safe location, even though the tracking info may state "left at front door".  It seems 
    to be the only notation the delivery companies have when a package is left, and not actually given to the recipient. 

    Priority Express Mail from the Post Office is not necessarily next day delivery, to me or back to you... it could be
    2 days+, depending on your zipcode.  Also Priority Mail is now trackable, BUT not guaranteed delivery (took over
    2 weeks to get one recently and the tracking showed it went to almost every State in the Union!  I asked if they
    were going to refund the shipper and they said no, they should have sent it Priority Express Mail, no guarantee
    for Priority Mail).
    Note:  Your return package will not be in the shippers tracking system until sometime after 8 p.m.  
               If I could not send back on the pickup date, I will call to let you know.

        For added insurance, just put a little piece of tape over the sealed area of the envelope... (not over the pull tabs!).
        With cold or hot weather, sometimes the seal does not stay completely sealed (now if you cover the entire top of 
        the package including the pull tabs, I might charge you a retrieval fee... just kidding... but I will not be happy as
        I have to get out my surgical tools to retrieve the contents!)

Notes!  1. 
Visa Applications are submitted to the Consulate my next business day after receiving them.  
                 There's Always Hope!
 submits visa applications on Tuesday's only (Wednesday if Tuesday is a Holiday).
                 Calls and deliveries are accepted anytime, including Saturday and Sunday.  

           2.  Email me at with the package tracking number, to let me know your
                applications have been sent.  This is very important to ensure no package has gone astray and also so I can 
                plan my workday.

           3.  If I am on vacation, there will be a notice located at the top of every web page... so check the website 
before sending your applications.  

I understand IF you need to call and verify that I will be available and to hear a live voice, but be 
forewarned... I might go on and on about my husband, kids, cat, and the fish on the back of my car!                                 

           4.  Give enough turnaround time for the Visa process. There have been a few times that the delivery service
                did not deliver the applications to me or back to you, on their scheduled delivery date.  
Regular Turnaround Schedule:  (I go to the Consulate on Tuesday's only (Wednesday if Tuesday is a Holiday) 

                Applications I submit on Tuesday (including Wednesday):   I pickup the following Tuesday

                Add an extra day for each day the Consulate is closed for Holiday.

           6.  BUSINESS VISAS (type 'F' or 'M'):  Business Visas must have a "signed letter" of invitation from China
               (an email attachment from China is fine) which includes your name, passport number, birth date, dates of trip
               and the purpose of the trip.  Also the invite letter must have a red chop/stamp.   
Flight Itinerary & Hotel Reservation are not needed for business visas)
           And finally <whew!> the steps and procedures listed above are for my service only. If you will be using another
         courier service or walking in your application yourself, the process will be different.

There's Always Hope!
c/o Denise Hope
23408 South Kathey Drive
Channahon, IL 60410
(815) 690-7035

Jeff Mladenik    China A-Parent

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