China Consulate ~ Chicago
                                                                  Document Authentication

The China Consulate in Chicago authenticates documents, with Secretary of State
certifications, from the following States:

Colorado     Illinois     Indiana     Iowa      Kansas
Michigan     Minnesota     Missouri     Wisconsin 

NOTE:  I do not process Business Documents, only Adoption Documents and Documents for "Z" Work Visas

Consulate Fee
(per document)
   Consulate Turnaround

$25 (+ $5 handling fee per submission)

                                5-10 business days


Include the following for Document Authentication (my address is listed below):

  1. Consulate Document Fee:  A money order or cashier check made payable to: "Chinese Consulate in Chicago" 
                                               (NO personal or business checks)   
    Adopting Families  may add the Consulate fee to my courier fee 

  2. My Courier Fee $15 per document with a min of $75 for 1-5 documents and a max of $150 for 10 or more (per family)
    A money order, cashier or business check made payable to:  There's Always Hope!

    Adopting Families may pay my courier fee by "personal check" AND can also include in that 1 check the Consulate Authentication
    fee.  Yes this is true... yep, really, really true! (and if you call to ask me if this is true, I will put our fish on the phone)  


  3. Original Documents:  Send all of the original documents that have been Certified by the Secretary of State 
    (States at the top of this page only),
     that you want Authenticated.

    NOTE:  The Chicago Consulate will not authenticate the following documents if the date on the document
    (not the Sec of State page) is more than 6 months old:  Police Clearances, Marriage License, Employment Letters
    and Medical Forms/Letters [including the lab or test dates].

    Also make sure the notary date is the SAME date as the document, if dated, or the Consulate will reject it... 
    call me to discuss if you think a document has this issue.  
    And the notary needs to put a Jurat (notary lingo... Subscribed & sworn... Signed before me on....or something 
    like that) on the document even if your State does not require it, if not, the Consulate will reject the document.  
    Birth, Marriage & Divorce documents are not to be notarized, they are already certified by the county clerk, 
    BUT they do need to go to the Sec of State along with all your other documents for "certification/authentication".     

    Make sure ALL the info on the Sec of State Certification page is correct
    (and that it does not say Apostille, unless your document is from Minnesota, or Colorado):
         * Notary name spelled correctly      (yes they do make mistakes!)
         * Date notary signed the document  (if listed on the Certification page)
         * Date of notary expiration date      (if listed on the Certification page)
         * County the notary is from              (if listed on the Certification page)

    Call me to discuss if you find any issues with the info on the Secretary of State Certification page.  

  4. Authentication Application (G1) Form Link  <--- click here

    Fill out online, type in UPPER and LOWER case letter (even though it states otherwise) 
    If married, enter husband or wife info only, BUT both husband and wife must sign in Section 8 (2 places)
    AND send a copy of both husband and wife passport picture/info page.

    For Adoption Documents: 

    Section 1:  fill in ALL blanks
    Section 2:  <leave blank>
    Section 3:  <leave blank>
    Section 4:  check Adoption
                       Destination of legalization: enter China
    Section 5:  Supporting Documents:  enter Documents for Adoption
                       Copies:  enter # of documents  example:  10
    Section 6:  check Regular Service
    Section 7:  <leave blank>
    Section 8:  Signature of Applicant (both husband and wife sign, stack your signatures)  and  Date (yyyy-mm-dd) 
                       NOTE:  there are 2 "Signature of Applicant" and "Date" places to sign in Section 8

    Also do not send a cover letter for the Consulate... they won't take it at the window, just the G1 Form.  


  5. Copies:  Send a copy (black/white or color) of the passport photo/signature page of both husband and wife, if married.
    AND a full copy of every page (black/white only, NO color copies) including the Sec of State page, of each document
    being Authenticated [Do Not remove staples, fold over and get the best copy you can].  Staple the copy pages together 
    and put the copy right behind the original it goes to.

  6. Contact info:  Your phone numbers home and cell, so I can contact you if there are any concerns, and email address, so I can 
    send you the status update... you can just put that info on a little post-a-note.  Also the name of your Agency for Adopting families.
    I send 1 Status email, after I have submitted your documents to the Consulate, and that includes the pickup/ship back date of 
    your document(s) [could be very late in the evening] .  There will be no contact from me if I do not have your email address
    on a separate piece of paper.   If for some reason I could not send back on the pickup date in the Status email, I will call you,
    so NO need to email or call me to see if it was sent back. 
    NOTE:  I cannot confirm delivery of your package to me or that I have placed the documents with the shipper (not by email, 
    not by phone, not by text, not even if you knock on my door... there are not enough hours in a day).  Therefore you must make
    note of the tracking number
     to me and the tracking number of the return 
    so you can verify status with the shipper 
    (please do not call and ask me for the  tracking numbers).

     Even though the tracking info states your package was left at my front door or on my porch, it is placed in a enclosed location 
    known to the delivery drivers.

  7. Prepaid Return Airbill:  Enclose a prepaid, self-addressed airbill/mailing label (I have the shippers envelopes) of a trackable 
    shipping service:
     UPS, FedEx, or Express Mail through the Post Office, for the return of your Documents.  

                        [ Please Print Clearly and Press Hard  on the return airbill/mailing label]

    IF your documents are going directly to your Agency, include a SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope), for your receipt.

    Express Mail through the Post office:
    If you are using Express Mail 
    through the Post Office, paperclip the Express Mail Stamp or Stamps that add up 
    to $26.35 to the Express Mail mailing label (no "metered" or sticker postage created by the postal clerk). Also put
    my business name and address as the sender.
    FedEx or UPS:
    If you are using FedEx or UPS put your name and address in the sender area, not my info (if possible).  

    If you request FedEx "Ground" or UPS "Ground", you must send me a 12"x9" approx., padded envelope for the
    return, as you cannot use regular FedEx or UPS envelopes for Ground shipments.   Also I do not go to a 
    FedEx or UPS location (I use a drop box) so you will have to create a Ground shipment label online (no Order
    Forms accepted).   Personally I do not like to send back "UPS Ground" or "FedEx Ground"... but the choice is yours
    (call me and I'll tell you some scary stories of ground shipments!).  But regular (air) FedEx or regular (air) UPS is fine, 
    and Express Mail through the Post Office is not considered Ground.                                                   
     Fill in where you want your documents returned to.  In the FROM section put your name and address  
    (or leave blank), not my info (if possible).  Then if there are any issues with your account number or credit 
    card number for payment, the shipper will bill you and not me!      Disregard this if using Express Mail.

    If you will not be home when delivery occurs and you want the shipper to leave your package, make sure you sign 
    the Waiver of Signature or Release of Signature on the airbill/mailing label.
    UPS and FedEx drop boxes have supplies (airbills & envelopes).  If you do not have a UPS or FedEx account number, 
    you can put your credit card number on the airbill for payment (don't put the security code).  Also UPS Stores and
    FedEx-Kinko's can assist you with the shipment, but beware... some shipping stores are independently owned and 
    charge a lot of $$.  

    DO NOT take the customer copy from the airbill or mailing label, that you are sending me for the return of your 
    Documents, leave it in, or your delivery guarentee will be void.

                                                                          * * * IMPORTANT * * *

    When sending me your documents, do not request the delivery service obtain a signature, as I am at the Consulate
    when delivered, and Zoey, cannot sign (no cat paw prints accepted).     Mark "No Signature Required".

    Also I leave for the Consulate at 7 a.m. so don't pay the high shipping fees for early delivery, as they will not be
    submitted until my next consulate day.

    Your package is placed in a safe location, even though the tracking info may state "left at front door".  It seems 
    to be the only notation the delivery companies have when a package is left, and not actually given to the recipient. 

    Express Mail from the Post Office is not necessarily next day delivery, to me or back to you... it could be 2 days,
    depending on your zipcode.  Also Priority Mail is now trackable, BUT not guaranteed delivery (took over 2 weeks 
    to get one recently and the tracking showed it went to just about every State in the Union!  I asked if they were 
    going to refund the shipper and they said no, they should have sent it Express Mail, no guarantee for Priority Mail).
    Note:  Your return package will not be in the shippers tracking system until sometime after 9 p.m.  
              If I could not send back on the pickup date, I will call to let you know.

    For added insurance, just put a little piece of tape over the sealed area of the envelope... (not over the pull tabs!).
    With cold or hot weather, sometimes the seal does not stay completely sealed (now if you cover the entire top of 
    the package including the pull tabs, I might charge you a retrieval fee... just kidding... but I will not be happy as
    I have to get out my surgical tools to retrieve the contents!)

  8. Email Me The Tracking Number:  Email me at with the tracking number, to let me 
    know your documents have been sent.  This is very important to ensure no package has gone astray and also so I 
    can plan my workday.

Notes!  1.  Before documents are Authenticated by the Chinese Consulate, they first must be Certified (NOT Apostiled...
                 unless your document is from Minnesota, or Colorado) by the "Secretary of State", in the State in which the
                 document was issued/Notarized.  

                This is a separate document/page attached normally to the front of the document.  Certification at the Secretary 
                of State office ensures the Government Official (for Birth, Marriage certificates or Divorce decree), is valid 
                or the Notary is valid (stamp and signature match the Notary's original application and expiration date).   
            2.  When making copies, one set for the Consulate to keep, do not remove any staples, as that would "technically"  
                 void the Certification & Authentication process.  Just do the best you can, folding over the pages to get the best 
                 complete copy... and yes, your documents will look like you wrestled them from a Panda!   (No color copies!)


            3.  Vacation Notice:  If I am on vacation or will be closed, there will be a notice located at the top of every web 
                 page... so check the website before sending your documents.  

 I understand if you need to call and verify that I will be available and to hear a live voice, but be forewarned... 
                I might go on and on and on about my fantastic husband, kids, fish, cat, and the fish on the back of my car!  

            4.  Turnaround time:  Give enough turnaround time for the Authentication process.  There have been a few times that
                the delivery service did not deliver the documents to me or back to you, on the scheduled delivery date.  
Regular Turnaround Schedule:  (I go to the Consulate on Tuesday's only (Wednesday if Tuesday is a Holiday) 

                Applications I submit on Tuesday (including Wednesday):   I pickup the following Tuesday
                Add an extra day for each day the Consulate is closed for Holiday.

            6.  Business Documents:   I no longer process Business Documents   
         And finally <whew!> the steps and procedures listed above are for my service only.  If you will be using another courier
          service or walking in your documents yourself, the process will be different.

There's Always Hope!
c/o Denise Hope
23408 South Kathey Drive
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(815) 690-7035

Jeff Mladenik    China A-Parent

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