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We will be closed the first week of January 2017.
Packages received after 12/28 will be submitted to the Consulate on 1/10.
Effective Monday 12/12 New Visa Application Photo Requirements.
Both ears must be showing, no smiling, no accessories (hair or jewelry)
no eye glasses, picture has to be GLUED (no tape or staples) onto the application.  
Full Details on Travel Visa page.

There's Always Hope!

Tourist Visa, Adoption Visa, Business Visa and Document Courier

[I go to the Consulate on Tuesday and Thursday only]

Chicago Consulates

Greetings!   I am Denise Hope and my husband and I have been blessed with two children.  Hope and Faith were born in China and joined our Forever Family in 1996 and 2000.  Since coming home with Faith, I have been assisting others obtain Travel Visas, as well as Certification & Authentication for Adoption or Business Documents.
As your courier, I submit your documents or visa applications to the Consulate.  I retrieve them on the pickup date, ensure the Authentication or Visa is correct, and return them to you or your agency.  I also track them to ensure they have been received, before closing your file.
Having gone through the process twice, I am very aware what these documents mean to you, and truly treat them as my own.
To view the Consulate fees for Visa Applications or Document Authentication, and the courier fee for There's Always Hope!click the Flag icons on the upper left side.

There's Always Hope!
c/o Denise Hope
23408 South Kathey Drive
Channahon, IL 60410
(815) 690-7035

Jeff Mladenik    China A-Parent

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